AtoX Business Solutions, Inc. is a business process outsourcing company. It is one of Cebu’s leading providers of business solutions. The company acts primarily as a center for outsourced customer service and support services. Additionally, it provides technical and professional information technology services to global clients.

The company saw the need fill the gap between business process outsourcing companies and their clients. The dream was to provide an integrated environment for the two. The founder of the company saw the importance of maintaining a reliable level of integration between clients and their virtual employees from across the world. He was inspired to offer this kind of solution to small and medium sized companies who want to offshore their services.

The company was born out of an opportunity given by a client to manage an offshore office for a US Software Development Firm.

Founded in 2016, AtoX Business Solutions, Inc. has its main office in the heart of Cebu. From its name, the company operates on the principle that it can offer diversified solutions from A to X to its clients. The company intends to continually expand its operations not just in Cebu but nationwide.